2017 London Design Festival

‘Sé Savoir Faire’
A curatorial showcase celebrating the art, craftsmanship and spirit of the South of France at Sé during London Design Festival.

16-24 September 2017

During this year’s annual London Design Festival, European furniture brand Sé, known for its elegant and characterful collections by leading international designers, presents ‘Sé Savoir Faire’, a celebration of French craftsmanship, art and design.

Sé’s flagship showroom, located in the heart of London’s Brompton Design District on the Fulham Road, will become home to a curatorial showcase. Sé will blend pieces from across its three collections with works from inspiring French artists and craftsmen who share the brand’s signature qualities of timelessness, craftsmanship and curvaceousness.

Rugs from Sé’s exclusive new partner, internationally renowned traditional producer La Manufacture Cogolin, will also be presented for the first time and complement Sé’s hero furniture pieces in new fabrics, materials and colours.

Following the successful unveiling of new partnerships at Milan Design Week, Sé introduces a roster of fresh talent to its showroom. Blurring the boundaries between interior design and conceptual art, ANOTHERVIEW will create a virtual window leading to a landscape of Southern French region Camargue. French artist and sculptor, Christel Sadde, will present her volabile ‘Je m’envole’, a large-scale kinetic mobile sculpture crafted from metal.

Southern French creatives, Kiko Lopez and Agnès Sandahl, will add specially crafted finishing touches to the showroom in the form of glass artwork and ceramics. Kiko Lopez' applies various compositions of silver at specific oxidations to glass creating a series of dramatic mirrors and Agnès Sandhal will present her ‘Art de la Table’ ceramics, created in Picasso’s former studios in Vallauris.

“It has been almost a decade since Sé launched its first collection with French designer Damien Langlois-Meurinne. Since then, France has remained a place of inspiration and beauty for us, as well as a source of some of the world’s most gifted craftspeople. ‘Sé Savoir Faire’ is collection of Sé pieces alongside work from sympathetic French artists and designers. It’s a conversation, a meeting of like-minds, and a gentle nod to Sé’s origins. We invite you to join us in our showroom during this year's London Design Festival to see how Sé mingles with new pieces by talented French friends, who share our fascination for fine materials and impeccable finishes." Pavlo Schtakleff, Sé co-founder.